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Our Team

Julie Busse Headshot from The Old Bear film
Co-Director, Co-Producer, Co-Writer

Julie Busse is an Emmy-nominated video editor with a dance-informed editing style that prioritized storytelling through movement. She specializes in nature film and art cinema. She was lead editor and producer for Living With Lions (Curiosity Stream) and Isolation To Creation (PBS), and for a decade was the lead editor for Dancing Camera Productions in New York City. Julie received her MFA in film from the University of Colorado Boulder and is a member of the Jackson Wild Collective and Think Lemonade Productions. She feels dance film and nature film perfectly compliment each other in their lyrical flow, non-verbal storytelling, and stories of awe and triumph. 

Candice Odgers Headshot from The Old Bear film
Co-Director, Co-Producer, Co-Writer

Candice Odgers is an editor, sound editor and producer with a career spanning two decades in crafting natural history films. Her journey into filmmaking began with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Motion Picture Medium (Film) from AFDA (South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance), where she majored in Editing and sub-majored in Sound Design and Production Design.


Candice's passion for wildlife and conservation of the planet's great wilderness led her to specialize in the Natural History Documentary Genre. She is the senior editor and supervising editor, at acclaimed filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert’s production company, Wildlife Films where has spent 16 years working on numerous award winning films.


Recently Candice also became a brand ambassador for Great Plains Conservation for the South East Asia region.

Her expertise extends from the inception of story to the final stages of post-production, making her a valuable asset to a project. Candice's deep technical knowledge and creative flair ensure that every aspect of a production is considered.


Beyond her work in the industry, Candice is committed to giving back. She has shared her knowledge on numerous panels, hosted editing Masterclasses, and contributed to articles in various publications on the craft of editing.

Candice's dedication to post production earned her the prestigious SAGE acronym, the highest honor bestowed by SAGE (The South African Guild of Editors) on an editor. Her contributions have not gone unnoticed internationally, as is evidenced by various nominations and awards.


Candice’s influence extends far beyond her cutting room. She has served as a judge for esteemed awards like the SAFTA'S, Jackson Wild Media Awards, and the Wildscreen Festival. Her role as a mentor and contributor to various industry initiatives demonstrates her commitment to nurturing the next generation of filmmakers.


With her global perspective gained from various projects from around the world, she continues to deliver films to top broadcasters, SVODs, and distributors. Her passion for storytelling and dedication to wildlife conservation shines through in every project she undertakes.

Casey Anderson Headshot from The Old Bear film

Casey Anderson is a filmmaker, adventurer and explorer. He has spent the last twenty-four years traveling the world, capturing nature and wildlife through the camera lens. Born and raised in Montana, Anderson spent his childhood exploring the vast wilderness that was his backyard and by the age of eighteen, Casey was guiding wildlife filmmakers into remote locations to track and film the most elusive wild animals. At twenty-six, he adopted an orphaned baby grizzly bear which led him to co-found the Montana Grizzly Encounter, a sanctuary for grizzly bears saved from inhumane situations. As a television personality, Casey has made it his mission to bring his love of the wild to the hearts of the world, instilling a drive to conserve untamed and untouched wild places. VisionHawk is a product of that mission.

MG Clark Headshot from The Old Bear film

M.G. Clark is a Colorado-based artist with over 20 years of recording, writing, and performing original music. His work blends acoustic and electronic instruments, influenced equally by a DIY ethos and the experimental world of neo-classical and ambient music. Clark's recordings include 2020's "For Wounded Dogs," an instrumental EP driven by lush drones and layered guitars, and 2022's "Who Becomes the Canary," a concept album that tells the story of an abandoned town where wild birds and wolves face off for control of the habitat. 


Clark has also written music for filmmakers, visual artists, and dancers. This includes music for installations and performances, like [Colony 933], an immersive mystery dance theatre, No Place To Go, an artist-made immersive haunted house, and Americana, a conceptual dance performance. 

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Directed, Written, and Produced by

Julie Busse & Candice Odgers



Casey Anderson


Original Score Written and Performed by

M. G. Clark


Filmed On Location in

Katmai National Park, Alaska
Homeland of the Alutiiq/Sugpiaq, Dena'ina Athabascan, and Yupik people



(In Order of Appearance)

Chris Anderson 

John Rooney


Additional Family 

(In Order of Appearance)

Steve Rooney

Nathan Rooney

Jessica Greer

Stephanie Anderson

Adele Anderson

Annabelle Anderson



Julie Busse


Sound Design

Candice Odgers



Eli Harris

Nate Kenney


Vision Hawk Films Head of Production

John  Ansotegui  


Archival Video

Monica Boyd


Archival Photos

The Anderson Family


Color and Sound Mix

Julie Busse



Julie Busse

Sarah Lasley

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